I am a self taught artist who grew up in a very artistic family.  I made my first quilt in 1976 when I was on maternity leave after the birth of my daughter.  My early work was all traditional quilting such as pillows, baby quilts, and quilted bag. In the early 1990's I began experimenting with art quilts after my mother shared the magic of Quilt National with me and I was hooked by the art quilt movement.  I learned to free motion quilt and was captivated by the possibilities this provided.

In 2003, I began focusing on my my quilting with greater intensity.  I joined a local artisans group and started showing and selling my work.  I began attending local quilting guilds which hugely expanded my vision for my own work. In 2011 I entered my first juried competition at the Denver National Quilt Festival.

I am inspired by the shapes and forms of nature.  My access to the professional and amateur photography of my friends is a constant source of inspiration. Their images of  wildlife, natural wonders, and fractals have been the focus of many of my quilts. Geology and paleontology have also influenced much of my recent work, especially the fractal nature of the ammonite.

I have explored many techniques in quilt making. I  paint on fabric and have used mono-printing and stenciling extensively.  I love to work with dupioni silk.  I strip-piece endlessly. I often use applique and sometimes raw-edge fuse applique. I am always on the lookout for new techniques to experiment with..

I welcome commission work and would be happy to work with you to create your perfect art quilt. Please contact me for any questions or comments you have about my work.


The number of people who deserve acknowledgement for their support and inspiration in my art is longer than this, but these are some of them: My partner, David Pointer who photographs all my work, my sister and master-quilter, Dana Lacy Chapman, my children Jess & Christopher, and my photographer friends Sam Jones, Theresa and Michael Roberts, and Bob White.

Quilt Shows,  Awards, and Organizations


American Quilters Society, Daytona Beach, FL, 2019

Volga River Ammonite

The Wave on Coyote Buttes Mosaic

international Quilt Association: A World of Beauty, Houston TX 2018

Antelope Canyon Mosaic- 3rdPlace Large Abstract

Copper Enamel Ammonite- 1stPlace Painted Surface

Fire in the Stone – Landscape Special Exhibit

Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, CA 2018

Betts and Bardie

American Quilters Society Virginia Beach, VA, 2018

Antelope Canyon Mosaic II

Paleo Puzzle

The Wave on Coyote Buttes -2ndPlace Wall Quilts, Fiber Art

American Quilters Society Fall Paducah, 2018

Paleo Puzzle – Judges Recognition Award

High Noon on Coyote Buttes

High Noon on Coyote Buttes Mosaic - 1stPlace Wall Quilts, Art Quilts

AQS Grand Rapids, 2018

Paleo Puzzle – Best Original Design

High Noon on Coyote Buttes

MQX Midwest, Springfield, IL, 2018

Pyrite Ammonites

The Wave on Coyote Buttes Mosaic – Best Surface Design, 2ndPlace Walhanging Large

World Quilt New England XVI, Manchester, NH 2018

Sunset on Coyote Buttes Mosaic – Best in Country, USA

Mosaic Ammonites III

Quilt Odyssey, 2018

Ammonite Celebration - 3rdPlace Mix/Other Technique Wall Quilts

MQX New England, 2018

Kaleidoscope Ammonites

Art Deco Ammonite II

Russian Ammonite

American Quilters Society, Spring Paducah, 2018

Sunset on Coyote Buttes

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, Hampton, VA, 2018

Amethyst Ammonite

Transcendental Fractal – Judges Choice

American Quilters Society, Lancaster, PA 2018

        Paleo Puzzle - 2nd Place Large Quilts Stationary Machine

        Sunset on Coyote Buttes

American Quilter's Society, Daytona Beach, FL 2018

        Paleo Puzzle - Honorable Mention

        Ammonite Garden II

        Fire in the Stone

        Moroccan Ammonite

Road to California, Ontario, CA 2018

        Volga River Ammonite

        Transendental Fractal

        Mosaic Ammonites

International Quilt Festival, A World of Beauty, Houston, TX 2017

        Volga River Ammonite

        Kaleidoscope Ammonites

Quilts=Art=Quilts, Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Auburn, NY, 2017

        Pyrite Ammonites

Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, CA 2017

        Ammonite Confusion – Best use of Color Innovative Quilts

        Yin Yang Ammonites

MQX Midwest, Springfield, IL, 2017

        Transcendental Fractal - Judges Choice

        Mosaic Ammonites II – Faculty Choice

        Ammonite Celebration - 1st Place Wall Hanging Large

American Quilter's Society, Des Moines, 2017

        Art Deco Ammonite

        Amethyst Ammonite

        Moroccan Ammonite

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, Philadelphia, PA 2017

        Fibonacci's Flame

        Lime Ammonite II - Best Wall Quilt Interpretation of Theme

World Quilt New England, Manchester, NH, 2017

        Turquoise Ammonite

        Mosaic Ammonites II

American Quilters Society, Fall Paducah, 2017

        Mosaic Ammonites II

        Lime Ammonite

Quilt Odyssey, 2017

        Paleo Puzzle - 2nd Place Large Mixed Technique

American Quilting Society Grand Rapids, 2017

        Russian Ammonite

Sacred Threads 2017/2018

Pyrite Ammonites

American Quilting Society, Spring Paducah, KY 2017

Ammonite Celebration - 2nd Place Wall Stationary Machine

MQX New England Hampton Falls, NH 2017

Ammonite Confusion - Best Surface Design

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, Hampton, VA 2017

Paleo Puzzle - 1st Place Innovative Quilts

Ammonite Celebration

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, “Evolutions” Golden, CO 2017

Sunset on Coyote Buttes

Sunset on Coyote Buttes II

International Quilt Festival, A World of Beauty, Houston, TX, 2016

Fibonacci's Delight - Judges Choice

Fire in the Stone - 1st Place Art: Naturescapes

Pacific International Quilt Festival XXIV, Santa Clara, CA 2015

Ammonite Festival

Fire in the Stone

International Quilt Festival, A World of Beauty, Houston, TX, 2015

Pyrite Ammonites

Sunset on Coyote Buttes

World Quilt Show: New England, Manchester, NH 2015

Ammonites in Gold

Ammonite Festival

Denver National Quilt Festival, 2015, Denver, CO

Pyrite Ammonites - 1st Place innovative Wall Quilts

Ammonite Garden II - Best Colorado Quilt

Pacific International Quilt Festival, XXIII, 2014, Santa Clara, CA, 2014

Ammonite Garden II – Honorable Mention Wall Quilts

Ammonites – Honorable Mention – Innovative Wall Quilts

International Quilt Festival, A World of Beauty, Houston, TX, 2014


Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, Oaks, PA 2014

Bugs in Silk

Fossil Play

World Quilt Show: New England, Manchester, NH 2014

Antelope Canyon

Monumental Scree

Monte Vista Crane Festival, Monte Vista, CO 2014

Many Crane Quilts

Front Range Fiber Artisans Annual Show, 2013

Coyote Buttes, Yellowstone, Dunes, Antelope Canyon

International Quilt Festival, A World of Beauty, Houston, TX, 2013

Antelope Canyon

Denver National Quilt Festival, Denver, CO 2013

Orion Nebula

Fractal Ferns

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, 2013

Antelope Canyon – Blue Ribbon for Best Use of Color

Monumental Scree

Front Range Fiber Artisans Annual Show, 2012

Crane Magic Series

Quilt Colorado, 2012

Antelope Canyon – Honorable Mention, Teacher's Choice Award

Fractal Ferns

Denver National Quilt Festival, 2012

Ammonite Garden – Honorable Mention

Gathering on the Platte

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, Fabric Art at it's Finest”, 2011

Ammonite Garden – Best of Show

Gathering on the Platte – Second Place

Fractal Dancing – Honorable Mention


Remembering Theresa

Denver National Quilt Festival, 2011


Fractal Dancing – Blue Ribbon for “Best Quilt by a Colorado Artist”

Necedah Whooping Crane Festival, 2009

Coal Creek Canyon Mountain Artisans Guild

Summer and Holiday Show 2005 - 2008



Art Quilting Studio, Autumn 2018

Quilting Fossils, pgs 7-11

Machine Quilting Unlimited, September/October 2017

          Ammonites featured in Landscape Quilts, Stitching Rocks, Kit Robinson

Machine Quilting Unlimited, July/August, 2015

Pyrite Ammonites – Noteworthy Quilts, pg 79


Bee and Laurel's Art and Antiques, Edgerton, WI

Many large and small quilts



Studio Art Quilt Associates 2016 - present

Piecing Partners Quilt Guild 2016 - present

American Quilters Society 2016 - present

International Quilt Association 2009 – present

Front Range Fiber Artisans 2012 – 2014

Palmer Divide Quilt Guild 2011 – 2012

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts 2011 – 13

Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters, Ft. Collins, CO 2008 – 2011

Coal Creek Canyon Mountain Artisans Guild 2005 - 2008